o u r  s t o r y

We have been producing baby and children’s clothes since 1991.

Ever since our incorporation, we have witnessed how tons of yarns were weaved, knitted and turned into the unique colors in the nature on a magical journey. We combine our vast experience with accurate planning processes, and proceed on our production journey with our commitment to quality and without making any concessions on our respect for the environment.

We continue to develop and grow by manufacturing products for many international brands at our world-class facilities that are regularly inspected by independent audit organizations. Today, our current production capacity is 1.000.000 pieces per month, with our approximately 175 employees that continue to increase every day.

We continue to provide millions of baby and children’s clothes by combining our vast experience with the principles of commitment to quality and honesty, which we have learned from Bülent Güler, the founder of Eceteks.