sustainability & our values

As Eceteks, we believe that using the limited resources that we include in each phase of production efficiently and without causing any damages in the nature in line with the sustainability approach is part of our respect for the environment and our responsibilities towards next generations.

We are deeply committed to maintaining our operations without damaging our planet and minimizing our footprint in the nature by making investments in environmentally-friendly and reliable technologies.

In addition to our respect for the nature and environment, we continue to create lasting values through social responsibility projects that we support every year and do our best to be useful for our society.

We are aware of the fact that sustainability is not limited only to the environmental factors.

As a reflection of the importance we attach to people as well as the environment; implementing safety standards within our company, making contributions to the development of our employees through regular trainings that we provide them and ensuring the development of our company based on organizational goals and making a balance between the development of our employees and the development of our company are among our fundamental values.